Cynthia H.

Dear Tammy, Thank you so much for the wonderful healing you brought to my life! I am so grateful to have found you. You helped me liberate negative energies that had become attached to me in order to clear my field and help me become ‘me’ again. I feel lighter and freer and more capable of achieving a path which for years I felt had been put on hold. Thank you, Tammy. With an upcoming move, I embark on a new journey, and I know the paths that opened up to make this possible are thanks to the work we did together. I feel strong and ready to take on the new challenges, and I will feel forever grateful to you for it all! 

Nicoletta L.

I absolutely loved my healing session with Tammy. She is so knowledgeable about working with energies and healing at a deep level. Her Reiki is powerful and she actually detected the energy center she had to work on. She tuned in the whole chakra system with tuning forks. 

Traumatic childhood memories have been released! After the session I felt rejuvenated and highly productive.

I cannot wait to see Tammy again! 

Thank you so much, 


Tammy is highly skilled, professional and displays compassion and empathy for her clients. Prior to the biofield and energy session I felt "stuck" in some areas. During the session, I experienced a release of some things that were weighing me down. As a result, I have a new sense of calming peace that has settled within me. Many thanks to Tammy for sharing her wonderful gift with others!

Margaret B.

Tammy is a gifted and skilled Reiki master. She truly has healing in her hands! Her skill and compassion work together beautifully to relieve pain and ease the mind. ~ Margaret B.

 - Mint Hill NC 

Michelle L.

...I can't explain it, but it works. If you or someone you love is in pain, has trouble relaxing or sleeping, I encourage you to contact Reiki For Wellness, Tammy Schoolcraft is amazing ...

Debbie C.

I recently had a session with Tammy where she used the biofield tuning fork therapy on me. I have been in a lot of pain that no chiropractor, orthopedic, physical therapist or hypnotherapist has been able to impact. One session with Tammy and I have cut my pain medication in half and am going back for another session. Thank you!

Kathy Z

Tammy was very comforting during my session, and thorough in her approach. She is very skilled at detecting and releasing energy blocks using Vibrational Sound Therapy and Reiki. I was deeply relaxed during my session, and felt positive changes during and even days following the session! Thanks Tammy!

Tammy S

Tammy is a wonderful, gifted healer who listens and has great compassion for her clients. She made me feel very much at ease and her gift is wonderful. Would highly recommend her