Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning


Biofield tuning is a physics-based approach to healing using the coherence of tuning forks on and around the body which can produce profound healing effects and is completely different than other Sound and Bioenergy Therapies.

I have completed all levels of Biofield Tuning training directly with Eileen Day McKusick

Unique to Biofield Tuning, practitioners work in the energy field up to five feet away from the body using specially designed Tuning forks and The "Biofield Anatomy Map", a system that reveals where specific emotions, memories, ailments, and traumas are stored throughout our lifetime in our energy field including birth and gestation to present day.

Accidents, stress, trauma, and injuries put noise in the electrical signal that surrounds our bodies. The coherent input of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognizing and correcting its own vibrational imbalances encouraging deep relaxation. Biofield Tuning gives the body an opportunity to hear itself and once the body becomes aware of its own noise, will recalibrate itself. 

For example, say you were in an automobile accident at some point in your life. The memory of the event itself along with all of the emotions and physical injuries that you experienced as a result of the accident that may include fear, anxiety, shock, grief, broken bones, concussions, surgical procedures etc. are energetically imprinted in your Biofield.  

Using the Biofield Anatomy map I am able to locate the event in your energy field and introduce the coherent input of a tuning fork. Once the body becomes aware of the static and recognizes residual tangles of dissonance in the field it is able to essentially tune itself just like you would use tuning forks to Tune a piano – with resonance and entrainment. 

The memory of the accident itself is still imprinted, however, all of the emotional charges and triggers that are associated with the event that have knowingly or unknowingly continued to affect many parts of your life and result in dis-ease are neutralized. 

After Biofield Tuning, many clients are able to look back on painful events from a place of neutrality and non-judgment without the emotional attachments.

Clients are experiencing relief and release from conditions and repeating emotional patterns that have plagued them for years including chronic pain, anxiety, migraines, depression, grief, concussion, adrenal fatigue, overthinking, neuropathy, and ‘stuckness’ just to name a few

Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for the following conditions: 

  • Pregnancy
  • Pacemaker
  • Pain Stimulator Implants
  • Terminal Illness or Patients currently receiving Chemotherapy or Radiation

Biofield Tuning May help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Adrenal stress
  • Digestive issues
  • Menstrual issues
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Addiction
  • Fear/phobias
  • Panic attacks
  • Vertigo
  • PTSD
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Concussion Recovery

What is Biofield Tuning?

Eileen McKusick developer, pioneering researcher and practitioner of Biofield Tuning describes Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning and PTSD

Jennifer Kauffman is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, who was standing just 15 feet from the first bomb blast. In this video she receives a Biofield Tuning session from Biofield Tuning originator Eileen McKusick