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Biofield Tuning to Boost Your Electric Health

A Free Biofield Tuning Video Event with Eileen Mckusick



Free Biofield Tuning Event March 20th with my teacher and leading Sound and Electrical Health Expert Eileen Day McKusick!! - Don't worry if the date has passed all who sign up will receive the replay!

Every cell in your body carries an electric charge - when the voltage is low in your cells your immune system is suppressed

  •  You can create Immune resiliency by tuning into your Electric Health and level of vitality in your cells 
  •  Low Voltage = Depleted Energy, Immune Issues, sickness, dis-ease
  •  Optimal Voltage =Physical Vitality, Increased Energy, Immune Resiliency 

On Wednesday, May 20, my teacher and the developer of Biofield Tuning will help you start to harmonize your emotions and electric health during these trying times - right to your bones, where feelings of fear can embed deeply - in a free video event: Biofield Tuning to Boost Your Electric Health: Liberate Fear & Strengthen Immunity for Greater Resilience & Vitality. 

If you’ve ever experienced Eileen’s virtual biofield tunings, you know that they also feel really good, generally providing a soothing state of relaxation and calm…


The Event is free, but you must register above to receive access details: